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I teach Classics at Jesus College Oxford, and research and write about ancient Greece (and Rome). I was formerly a cellist (click left for my TEDx talk) with cello. I’m on leave from Oxford until October 2015 to research ancient Greek music (see below).

I write a clog i.e. an intermittent blog;  posts are listed on the left.

Hearing ancient Greek music

I am rediscovering ancient Greek music, as described in Song of the Sirens. To see my 4-minute taster, ‘The Secrets of Ancient Greek Music’, click on the link and enter the password greek: https://vimeo.com/80564559



Feb 2015  At LSE Literary Festival, discussing the Common Foundations of Poetry and Music with Fiona Sampson and Ian Bostridge (podcast here).


July 2014 BBC Online: 10 mysteries from ancient Greece.

GAN coverMar 2014: Review of my book  in Classical Review – ‘erudite, eloquent and wholly engaging’.


BBC Online (Oct 2013)my project to_70644615_010083090-1
reconstruct ancient Greek music.

Radio interviews:
 1) CBC Canada: in which I hum the tune of the Iliad. 
 2) Newstalk Ireland (from 49.42 mins): Elvis and the Greeks.
 3) NPR USA with Scott Simon:(Dec ’13) singing Homer.

Daily Mail Online article (29 Oct 2013): sensational claim of ‘100% accuracy’ is, of course, taken out of context.


Dec 2013    TLS review by Prof. Helen Morales describes my Sappho 31 reconstruction as ‘bold and beautiful’. 

Oct 2013     Black tI translate into Latin a motto on a rock band T-shirt.

Aug 2013       Blackwell’s Bookshop interviews me about the Julio-Claudian dynasty, with questions about: 1) sources, 2)  the empire 3)  Claudius 4) Rome and 5) modern parallels.

imgresSarah_Palin_by_Gage_Skidmore_2 July 2013     My article Plato and Play in American Journal of Playspurred by a misattribution to Plato by Sarah Palin of the idea that ‘you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation’.

GAN cover

Jan 2013    Review of my book in Bryn Mawr Classical Review: ‘dazzling…fascinating…not to be missed’.

Getting in the Flow

Trio31-168x30015-minute talk on Innovation and ‘the classic’, with cello, for TED Oxbridge here.

Other activities

I’ve completed a book about creativity and innovation called Eureka, to be published by Princeton University Press. 

VenusMy article on restoring Sappho’s poem ‘He seems to me…’ (fr. 31) is summarised here.

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