21 Sep 2019      Two Rachmaninov Trios, St Mary’s Church NW3
14 Sep 2019      Rachmaninov Trio Elegiaque, Jesus College Oxford
7 Sep 2019        Concert of Georgian music, with Becca Marriott and Jonathan Katz
7 Jun 2019        Mendelssohn D mi trio: Concert for charity (TBAP) London
20 Oct 2018      London Brahms Trio: Tchaikovsky piano trio, St Mary’s Church NW3.
10 Sep 2017      London Brahms Trio: recital to New Imago Forum, Jesus College Oxford.
28 Jul 2017       London Brahms Trio: Dvorak ‘Dumky’, Piazzola Four Seasons Trio
28 Oct 2016      Concert, Oriel College: with Alma Deutscher (her Trio movt; Schubert B flat trio)
25 Sep 2016      Duo with Kobi Kremnitzer, piano: Mansfield College; Schumann and Fauré
10 Sep 2016      London Brahms Trio, Jesus Coll: Beethoven ‘Ghost’, Mendelssohn D minor Trio
18 Aug 2016      Exeter College Chapel: Trio recital
13 Oct 2015        London Brahms Trio: Schubert E flat Trio, Shostakovich piano trio no.2.
27 Sep 2015       London Brahms Trio at Names not Numbers: Shostakovich piano trio no.2.
24 Sep 2015      Trio recital (Schubert E flat) with Rafael Todes (violin) and Philip Pilkington (piano).
11 Sep 2015       Oxford: Chopin Cello Sonata; Schubert E flat Trio, Shostakovich piano trio.
14 Mar 2015     London Brahms Trio: Beethoven ‘Ghost’ Trio, Shostakovich piano trio.
1 Feb 2015        Trio recital (Schubert B flat) with Rafael Todes (violin) and Philip Pilkington (piano).
29 Nov 2014     London Brahms Trio, Jesus College Chapel, Oxford.
                               Beethoven ‘Archduke’, Brahms Violin Sonata, Rachmaninov Vocalise


Cello repertoire includes (click here for excerpt of Fauré, Après un Rȇve)

Bach  Cello suites
Brahms  Sonatas for piano and cello
Beethoven  Sonatas for piano and cello
Chopin  Sonata for piano and cello
Rachmaninov  Sonata for piano and cello op. 19
Schumann Fantasiestücke op. 73.

Cello concerti performed:
       Haydn Concerto in C
       Schumann Concerto in A minor
       Elgar Concerto in E minor op. 85

Piano repertoire includes:

Schubert  Impromptus D899;
Chopin  Selected Nocturnes, Etudes; Fantaisie Impromptu
Beethoven Selected Sonatas
Grieg  Piano concerto in A minor
Mozart Piano concerto no. 27 in B flat

Chamber Music

Trio (click on link for short excerpt of Beethoven Trio no.1)
with Kobi Kremnitzer, piano, and Erika Eisele, violin
London Brahms Trio
with Kobi Kremnitzer, Christoph Schuringa or Jonathan Katz, piano; Erika Eisele, violin

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