My clog is listed in the column on the left. It would be a blog if it were more regular, but as it’s just an occasional report of random thoughts the term clog seems more appropriate for the following reasons:

1) It is irregular, unlike a proper blog, so figuratively speaking it clunks along like a wearer of clogs.imagesimages

2) It is the outcome of a backlog of miscellaneous comments and material.  So ‘clog’ is related to ‘backlog’ as ‘blog’ is to ‘weblog’ (technically a back-formation).

3) Posts multiply and clog up the website. They are eventually culled, and you can see some older posts by clicking on the ‘Select Category’ box.

Clogposts appear as headers on the left. You are welcome to comment via the Contact Page, and I will respond to all (except trolls and spammers).

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